The 1975 is the self-titled debut album by English alternative rock band from Manchester, The 1975. The album was produced by Mike Crossey. He produced Arctic Monkey’s debut single and their first two albums as well as records for Foals, Keane, Tribes, and The Kooks just to name a few.  The band began recording the album in 2012 and it was released 2 September 2013. Lyrically, The 1975 explore themes of discovery and novelty in the more specific context of sex, love, drugs, hope, death, and fear, thus the basis of rock music. However, the music itself explores a more indie rock/pop/synthetic vibe. This is an album that you'll want to listen to from start to finish. The track order is perfect and you wouldn't even think about skipping a single song. Compared to The 1975's previous EP's, the band's debut album has a much fuller  sound. The album is solid, yet the heavy use of many different synths can be a bit overpowering at times however, this is still a fantastic album. A new video for Sex released right in time for their US tour.
The album is out now via Dirty Hit. 



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